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Maja Lakner

Head of Ecommerce

Hi there, I'm the Head of Ecommerce here at Rodial and have been with the company since November 2020.

For me working at Rodial is a truly unique role, where I have been given autonomy and felt supported by the senior management from day one. I was able to build my own team and deliver exciting new projects for the business. Ideas, creative thinking and proactiveness are certainly valued and encouraged.

I would recommend Rodial to anyone who is willing to learn, work in a team and has a passion for making things happen.

Bonus point, Rodial products are just amazing!

Jessica Allen

Sales and Training Executive

Hi, my name is Jessica, and I have been with Rodial for 6 years. I have over 20 years’ experience in the beauty and skincare industry, and I am a practicing licensed Aesthetician and Beauty Therapist. I started as a Sales Advisor at Rodial, and I am now the Sales and Training Executive, covering both the education side as well as day-to-day sales operations.

Rodial has always been amazingly supportive and very keen to develop and nurture skills in each team member to make sure we never stop growing and learning. The culture at Rodial allows for a healthy work/life balance and they always encourage the use of resources available, like team-building events or mental health services in times of need. I would highly recommend Rodial for anyone looking for a professional and exciting career in the beauty and skincare sales industry.


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